Why I quit my job

After having worked as a consultant for more than six years, I felt that it’s time for a new step. I had a great time working for Xebia and Instruqt, but I wasn’t in the right place anymore. That’s why I decided to quit my job to spend some time figuring out my next step.

Me and my son Sem You might wonder, why did I quit my job when I don’t have a new contract? Well, first of all I get to spend some time with our 5 months old son. And that’s priceless. It’s beautiful to see our little man discover the world around him. But, more importantly, not having a job also changes your perspective.

When I just quit my job, I got a bit nervous. Will I get a job in time? What if it would take longer than I expected? Will I run out of money? Luckily my wife has a good job, but nevertheless, it felt weird. But today, a few weeks in, I feel more confident. I started writing down my skills, ambitions and passions. I read through my personal notes of the various leadership courses I followed. And this resulted in a better understanding of my purpose and goals.

Because I don’t have a job anymore, I also have time to read more. A colleague recommended me to read the book Company of One by Paul Jarvis. It opened my eyes. I always thought that you’re only successful if you can grow your company bigger. But Paul makes a good case to stay small. Making your business better is more important than making it bigger.

I’ve started 3 startups before, 2 of them are still in business but not owned by myself anymore. I always liked to start new initiatives. So that’s why I registered my own company again today. What I’m going to do exactly is not 100% clear yet. Luckily I have the time to figure that out over the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates!

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